Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mixtape #9

Hi gang!

First of all let me apologise for being late. I scored myself a job and since it is a 5am to 5pm affair, that's including travel, the Week In Sound mixtapes will have to come whenever i get a chance now. Hold those tears, it will all be ok.

In this volume I have featured a few Australian artists who have new releases. I always enjoy listening to the new Australian stuff as it makes me feel like I'm back home. Australia has some wonderful undiscovered talent. Actually, while I'm at it, I'll throw you a link. The site is called Triple J Unearthed and it is a site that allows bands and artists from all over Australia to upload their music and share with the world. You can vote for songs that you like and you can even download tracks from the artists pages.

Triple J Unearthed.

So anyway, back to what we are all here for, the 9th Mixtape!! Lets have a bit of a geezer and see what lucky bands have made it onto the list.


Bertie Blackman - White Owl
Bertie (Beatrice) Blackman (born 1982) is an Independent Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist. Taking inspiration from an eclectic array of musicians such as Björk, Erykah Badu, Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell, and Radiohead, Bertie's songs are at once heartfelt and uniquely her own.

Bob Evans - Pasha Bulka
Kevin Edward Mitchell, is an Australian musician, most famous for his role as vocalist/guitarist for the band Jebediah. Kevin Mitchell often performs his solo work under the pseudonym of Bob Evans. He plays Beatle-esque pop songs about love and life.

Deer Tick - Art Isn't Real (City Of Sin)
Deer Tick is an American rock band from Providence, Rhode Island led by guitarist and singer-songwriter John McCauley.[1] The band began as McCauley's solo project in December 2004. Within a few years he had acquired a strong following through constant touring in parts of the Atlantic Northeast and self-released CD-Rs. Deer Tick's music has often been described as a combination of folk, blues, and country with a strong grunge influence. McCauley is known for his distinct gruff-sounding voice.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Like Music To My Ears
Dogs Die in Hot Cars are a Scottish band which became popular in the UK and international music scene around the same time as Biffy Clyro and Franz Ferdinand. The band's name comes from a RSPCA campaign to advise dog owners not to leave their pets in hot cars and has often been a strong talking point of polarized views. In an interview with U.S. Rolling Stone magazine, singer/guitarist Craig Macintosh mentioned that "Rolling Stone in Australia said it was the best band name in the history of rock & roll. But then the NME said it was the worst".

Eskimo Joe - Foreign Land
Eskimo Joe is an Australian rock band. Eskimo Joe formed in 1997 in Fremantle, Western Australia. Kavyen 'Kav' Temperley (bass/vocals), Joel Quartermain (guitar) and Stuart MacLeod (guitar) formed a band to compete in the Australian National Campus Band Competition.

Halloween, Alaska - In Order
Halloween, Alaska is a Minnesota-based band consisting of James Diers (voice, guitar, keys), Jake Hanson (brother of Tapes 'n Tapes drummer Jeremy Hanson, guitar), Matt Friesen (electric bass guitar), and David King (acoustic and electronic drums). Members of the group are or have been part of the bands The Bad Plus, Love-Cars, Happy Apple, 12 Rods, Cowboy Curtis, Minneapolis Dub Ensemble, and The Gang Font feat. Interloper.

Montt Mardié - Elisabeth By The Piano
Montt Mardié (born David Olof Peter Pagmar on September 16, 1983) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. As of November 2007, Montt Mardié has released two full length albums as well as various singles under the Swedish record label Hybris. His first released studio album was Drama (Montt Mardié album) in 2005.

My Latest Novel - Lacklustre
My Latest Novel are a Scottish band, from Greenock & Gourock. They augment the traditional rock line up of guitars, drums, bass and keyboards, with the use of violins, xylophones and undulating percussion, as well as multi-part vocals. Their musical style is notable for its contrasting melancholic and uplifting moods, the unusual use of the spoken word, and by surprising mid-song changes in tempo and atmosphere.

New Ruins - Symptoms
New Ruins began in 2004 as a home recording project of Elzie Sexton and J.Caleb Means. They have been compared to: Band of Horses, Sun Kil Moon, Modest Mouse, The National, My Bloody Valentine, TV on the Radio.

Red Red Meat - Buttered
Red Red Meat was a '90s Chicago-area blues-influenced alternative rock band. After their break-up, frontman Tim Rutili went on to form Califone, for which many of Red Red Meat's former members, including producer Brian Deck, often record and perform. Tim Hurley went on to form Sin Ropas.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Deathbridge In Lethbridge
The Rural Alberta Advantage is a Canadian indie rock band that formed in 2005. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band consists of Paul Banwatt, Amy Cole and Nils Edenloff. First formed in 2005, the band released a demo tape and an EP independently before completing their first full-length album, Hometowns, in early 2008.

Ryan Driver - When Were You In Mexico?
Ryan Driver is a member of The Silt, The Reveries, Deep Dark United, St. Dirt Elementary School, Double Suicide, The Draperies, The Fake New Age Music Band, Blah Blah 666, The Guayaveras, The Ryan Driver Quartet, N, Cluttertones, and The Everytime Band, sometimes singing, sometimes playing piano, sometimes pieces of balloons, sometimes flute, sometimes analog synth, sometimes guitalele, sometimes street-sweeper bristles, sometimes guitar.

Too Soft - Bubble Gum
Too Soft are an Indie/Folk/Pop/Acoustic duo straight out of France. I haven't been able to find out much about them but I do know that their music is great. Hopefully we get to hear and learn more about them in the future.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Moving Clocks Run Slow
We Were Promised Jetpacks are a four-piece rock band, formed in Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2003 by high school friends Adam Thompson (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Palmer (Guitar), Sean Smith (Bass) and Darren Lackie (Drums). This shit could/should go places... a clever guitar pop record to usher in the new warmer weather.

White Belt Yellow Tag - You're Not Invincible
Justin Lockey is surely one of the north-east's most prolific music-makers. As well as his production work for the likes of This Ain't Vegas and Catweasels, he was quick to establish new outfit The British Expeditionary Force after his former group, yourcodenameis:milo, broke up. It seems Lockey's itchy feet have struck again with the formation of his latest band, White Belt Yellow Tag. This new project finds him moving on from the mechanised tones of yourcodenameis:milo and the prog-rock of The British Expeditionary Force, instead channelling his obvious love of post-punk into melodious pop. What does remain is his penchant for richly textured sounds.

Super stuff hey? Yessums. There is some great stuff in there and it gets me all excited to know that Eskimo Joe's new record is just around the corner. I love them guys!

Well anyways, I'm off to find some more wonderful music for you guys to go in the 10th mixtape which will arrive sometime next week. Not too sure when but I guarantee it will be done.

You peeps have a great week listening to your music.

Take care.

Slink de Link:

Mixtape #9 - The Week In Sound.

Oh and before I go, here's a link to all the Mixtape album covers. All the way back to Volume 1.

Mixtape Covers!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mixtape #8

Howdy all!

Welcome to the newest mixtape!! Boy the weeks go by quickly don't they? It feels just like yesterday that I started these mixtapes and now we are up to number 8!! In my opinion this is the best one yet. I've decided to add a little more this time around. 15 songs instead of 12. 15 artists instead of 12. Plus when you add your mixtape to your music player, be it iTunes or whatever else you choose to use, they are grouped much better. Just look at the song info and you will notice that the grouping will be for the current week's mixtape. It just makes it a little easier to manage.

So without further adieu, I bring you the noise.


Additional Moog - Kicking Static
Additional Moog are described as uber-melodic rootsy Americana meets lo-fi rock with a 60's Brit Pop sensibility.

Alisdair Roberts - You Muses Assist
Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish folk musician. Roberts is noted for both his own compositions and recitations of traditional songs, including on his album of traditional death ballads, No Earthly Man and in 2006 featured in the BBC documentary Folk Britannia.

The City And Horses - Abigail Adams
The City and Horses play catchy indie pop, literate lo-fi folk, earnest country ballads, electro-sex dance, grunge rock and Mo-Town fop. The members of the band are adorable and can fit in your pocket.

Jeniferever - Ox-Eye
Jeniferever is a band from Uppsala, Sweden formed in 1996. Their music could be described as ambient indie rock or post-rock; it is slow-paced, melodic, and frequently building to an orchestral-like climax. Their sound has been compared to bands such as The Appleseed Cast and Sigur Rós.

Lady Of The Sunshine - White Rose Parade
Lady Of The Sunshine is Angus Stone’s (from Angus & Julia Stone) solo project. Angus Stone reveals a darker more contemplative side on the brooding rhythm and blues of his first solo album ‘SMOKING GUN’.

Manchester Orchestra - I've Got Friends
Inspired by the pounding, primal assault of Weezer’s Pinkerton , Nirvana’s In Utero , and Foo Fighters’ The Colour and the Shape , this young band has created its own version of what a classic rock album should sound like, complete with fiercely beautiful melodies, shifting guitar and keyboard textures, loud/soft dynamics, and an urgency in each band member’s performance, especially Hull’s cathartic vocals.

Matteah Baim - Pagoda
Matteah Baim, the non-CocoRosie affiliated half of Metallic Falcons has forged on without Sierra Casady to create an album of disparate, haunted folk songs that loll over your senses like desert clouds. With the help of a few friends (Jana Hunter, Devendra Banhart, Rob Doran) she has taken her palate of lonesome inky textures and blown it dry with a wanderer’s spirit. Her songs ring with a wounded sense of femininity and mournful charm that here furthers the tones her past work.

An Orange End - Homo Consumers
Purple walls, blue lights, a curtain and a chemical reaction. There were just two in that room. A noise marionette! A melody somnambulist! And they had nothing to bridge… but lot to share, lot to see…The wind started singing a new story. And the window opened… Gazing out the peaceful fields, all they saw was empty roads and the fabulous orange lights above! The road had no end! And the lights were illuming a great trip… They just trailed…

Patrick Watson - Tracy's Waters
Patrick Watson (born 1979) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, whose blend of cabaret pop and classical music influences with indie rock has been compared to Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley.

Redjetson - Questions I Don't Want To Ask
Redjetson are an UK based post-rock band who have been influenced by a diverse selection of bands including Interpol, Slint, Radiohead, Joy Division, Explosions in the Sky, My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Rós, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Doors & Mogwai.

Rubik - Goji Berries
Combining hysterically schreeching guitars and twisted pop melodies with almost ambient-like soundscapes, their music is truly worth noting. music for hearts, head, soul and feet. You decide.

Indie rock aesthetics with pop accesibility, as they say.

Salim Nourallah - Western Hills
Salim Nourallah is a Texas based singer-songwriter. His unique style is known for its layered vocals, melodies, and nontrivial arrangements, while maintaining a serious pop sensibility.

St. Vincent - Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood
St. Vincent is the band of singer-guitarist-composer Annie Clark. An inventive and versatile guitarist, Annie has played with avant-garde composer Glenn Branca and was a member of symphonic pop spectacle The Polyphonic Spree.

Wentworth Kersey - The Death Of Anthony Gonsalves
Frontier man, Wentworth Kersey, is an ambient americana sci-fi folk artist from Denver. Mister Kersey began his musical career while playing “A Soundtrack for Suicide” at the “Youth Hipster Halfway House” during a lost era of western greatness. Currently he enjoys drinking coffee, eating waffles, playing Arkanoid on SNES, and recording rotary dial telephones.

White Rabbits - Rudie Falls
With a certain joie de vive, playfulness and charm White Rabbits thematically evoke the more decadent and bygone era of days spent on the green, old cinemas “Tourist Trap”, tragic mothers “Navy Wives”, and restrained, but no less awkward domestic disputes, with the first single, “The Plot.”

A great array of tunes I believe and I haven't really stopped listening to it all week! I must be getting better at this or there are more artists putting out more fantastic music!!

Well enjoy this bunch of boppin' songs and let me know what you think.

I'm off to play in the sun!!

The Listening Link:

Mixtape #8 - The Week In Sound.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mixtape #6 & #7

LOOK OUT!! It's a DOUBLE mixtape week!!

Looks like I found enough stuff for two this week so there you have it. Double the listening pleasure.

Well we may as well jump straight into it. Don't need my rambling to keep you from the music.

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet this week. Just a basic tracklisting for both mixtapes. I'm sure if you like a band then you can search for them yourself and have a read up on them.

Mixtape #6 Tracklisting:

Adiam Dymott - John Denver

Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw

Greater California - Five Senses

Kate Maki - To Please

Maclean - Lighthouses Lighthouses Lighthouses

Needy Cat - You And Me

Nothing People - Stick In The Mud

Pick A Piper - Rooms

Sean Fournier - Holding The Hand Of The Hurricane

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Bloodless Coup

Weird Owl - 13 Arrows 13 Stars

Woods - Military Madness (Graham Nash)

Mixtape #7 Tracklisting:

Beads - Evil

Birdlips - Magicfish

Cool Dad - Moncton

Ice Palace - Pirate By Thirty

A Jigsaw - Six Blind Days

The Paint Movement - Howl At The Moon

Pree - Lack Of Fight

Scout Niblett - Wet Road

Sophie Madeleine - Who Will Buy?

Trespassers William - The Lids

The Wooden Sky - This Bird Has Flown

Woodpigeon - In the Battle of Sun vs. Curtains, Sun Loses and We Sleep Until Noon

Two Mixtapes = 24 Artists with 24 amazing songs. Good Value Listening at it's best.

Oh and if you really really want to, head over to The Week In Sound Indie Mixtapes On and join up. It's a bit clearer to see what is going on over there. Plus we can post and chat and discuss and praise and flame and all of the good things that we internetter's do.

So here are the two links to the mixtapes.........

Mixtape #6 - The Week In Sound.

Mixtape #7 - The Week In Sound.