Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long Time Between Drinks.......

Hey all.

Wow what a long time since my last post! Kinda got sidetracked with all kinds of shizzle! Plus trying to find 60 tracks a month just got way too much for me with work and life taking up 99.9% of my time. 

Anyways, I kinda started a little thing over on Facebook that might catch your eye.

It's called 'New Music Sharespace' and it's a place to share all the cool music you throw your ears at.

I don't get a lot of time to search the world wide web these days for great music so I do what I can. But I'd love to hear what other people are into and what up and coming bands and artists have caught your eye/ear/mouth/nose.

So if you are interested in sharing and caring some new tunes with people that like new tunes then come and say Hi. You are more than welcome and feel free to post as much as you like. Come on, it's just a click away!

New Music Sharespace!