Sunday, August 30, 2009

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #4***

September is upon us. So is the 4th edition of the MonthlyIndieMIxtapes!!

This month sounds great. There is a great little mixture of music that has come across my ears in the last month. I'm sure you will find something in there that will appease your appetite.

So without further adieu, may I introduce you to the new sound.


Agent Kooper - 12 Hundred Stories
The Albertans - High Noon
Arctic Moneys - Dangerous Animals
The Barlights - Bend And Break
Beat Strings - Lose A Disguise
Belle Who - Hitch-Hiking Hearts
The Black Atlantic - Fragile Meadow
Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer
Brendan Benson - Poised And Ready
Butterfly Boucher - For The Love Of Love
Bye Bye Bicycle - Agent
Carina Round - Thief In The Sky
Charlotte & Magon - Waves
Cola Jet Set - Chocolate y té
concept: bravery - Birds Of A Feather
Cornershop - Soul School
Dappled Cities - Answer Is Zero
David Bazan - Please, Baby, Please
The End Of The World - White Sands
The Envy Corps - Screen Test
Exlovers - You Forget So Easily
The Exploding Boy - Intervention
Friends Of Otis - Boulevard
fun. - Benson Hedges
Greg Laswell - Your Ghost
Harrys Gym - The Escape
HEALTH - Die Slow
Hey Hey Melodica - Our Own Quiet Parade
The Hidden Cameras - Mind, Matter And Waste
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions - Blanchard
The Horse's Ha - The Piss Choir
Imogen Heap - First Train Home
Kings Of Leon - Beneath The Surface
Klaus Says Buy The Record - Dakota Is My Lover
Marmoset - He's Been Napping
Masters Of Reality - Dreamtime Stomp
Matt Joe Gow & The Dead Leaves -Land Is Burning
Meg & Dia - Black Wedding
The Mostar Diving Club - You Be Me
Motel Motel - Coffee
The Mumlers - Soot-Black Suit
MuteMath - Spotlight
Myxa - Tatoo
The National - Ashamed Of The Story I Told
Niccokick - Whatever Happens I'll Love You
Nurses - Technicolor
A Place To Bury Strangers - Deadbeat
Ramona Falls - Clover
The Rest - Coughing Blood/Fresh Mountain Air
Shady Bard - Torch Song
Six Organs Of Admittance - Bar-Nasha
Skybox - Silly Things That People Say
Skye Harbour - Berlin
Soulssavers - You Will Miss Me When I Burn
Tantric - Desert Me (Acoustic)
Trainwreck Riders - Three To The Clouds
The Twang - Changing Me
Tyondai Braxton - Uffe's Workshop
The Very Best - Julia
Vivian Girls - Walking Alone At Night

Sweet Hey? Lots of songs and some amazing new bands that have the world at their feet! If you like what you hear then let the bands know. You may even treat yourself and go out and purchase their great music albums!

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Link To The Stink Of Great New Music:

MonthlyIndieMixtape #4

Enjoy The Stink.

The Doc.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video Of The Week.

Check Out Molly Jensen. Check Out Greg Laswell.
Check them both out here in this wonderfully filmed video for the song "Give It Time"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks From "Alcoholic Faith Mission".

Hey Readers.

Just a little email I received from PonyRec today thanking this Blog and other for supporting Alcoholic Faith Mission. It's really great to see that all our hard work in finding this great music does not fall on deaf ears.

So check it out and keep on listening!!!

Dear Bloggers and Fans,
We are really happy with all the nice words more than 4000 bloggers and fans wrote about Alcoholic Faith Missions and their album “421 Wythe Avenue”.
At the moment the five of them are working on their new release. It will be ready for release in Spring 2010.
In Fall 2009 Alcoholic Faith Mission will go on tour through Denmark, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy - more news to come soon.
We gladly announce their tour dates for August.
Aug 25th Noorderzon Festival – Groningen (Holland)
Aug 26th Astra Stube – Hamburg (Germany)
Aug 27th NBI – Berlin (Germany)
Aug 28th Societätstheater – Dresden (Germany)
Here are some of the kind words the press has said about Alcoholic Faith Missions album so far:
“Wunderschöne melancholisches Musik” Gap (Austria) 8 of 10 stars
“Usædvanligt helstøbt album” Soundvenue (Denmark) 5 of 6 stars
“Albummet er perfekt” Downtown Mag (Denmark) 5 of 6 stars
“There is a tragic beauty here” It’s A Trap (USA) 7 of 10 stars
“Neon signs of indie bliss” Lodown Magazine (Germany)
“Electronica mit Engelsstimmen” De:bug (Germany)
“Schillernde Songs mit Piano und Streichern” Musikexpress (Germany)

For more information please go to:
All the best for you all and see you at the show.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #3***

How goes it folks? Does it go well for you all? I certainly hope so.

Well it's that time again. The time for the new MonthlyIndieMixtape!! It's been a busy month as the ol' compute had a little fizzle and things were made quite difficult but as you can see below, I managed to scrounge up 60 new and exciting tracks for the August edition.

So let's get into it. Right here. Right now.


Alcoholic Faith Mission - Guilty Scared Eyes
Bachelorette - Mindwarp
Birds Of Avalon - Eyesore
Bogi - Hollow Days
Catherine MacLellan - Water In The Ground
The Checks - Ballroom Baby
Circus Devils - Every Moment Flame On
Clue To Kalo - User To A Carrier, By The Sister
Cosmos - Nude Metropolis
Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards - Now I'm A Coastguard
The Danks - Automocar
Dark Mean - Happy Banjo
The Dead Weather - I Cut Like A Buffalo
Delorean - Seasun
Discovery - Orange Shirt
The Dodos - Fables
Doll And The Kicks - Roll Up The Red Carpet
Drug Rug - Haunting You
The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Sweet Spot
The Films - Amateur Hour
Former Child Stars - Control
Gossip - Pop Goes The World
Gregory Pepper And His Problems - Drop The Plot
Harlequin League - All Your Wars Are Won
Hurricane Hearts - Quicksand
The Isolation - Swamp City
The Jezabels - Old Little Girls
Julian Plenti - Games For Days
La Roux - Bulletproof
Lightning Dust - The Times
Love Is All - Last Choice
Ludo - Drunken Lament
Mannequin Men - (Who Is) Alive Golden
Marcy Playground - I Burned The Bed
Mew - Introducing Palace Players
Modest Mouse - The Whale Song
The Most Serene Republic - Bubble Reputation
Neufvoin - Mouse On Mars
Noah & The Whale - Blue Skies
Oh Minnows - Might
One Hundred Hurricanes - Space For Myself
The Parlotones - Giant Mistake
The Peekers - Instructions
Pete Murray - Chance To Say Goodbye
Petracovich - San Rafael
Red Riders - You've Got A Lot Of Nerve
Sarah Blasko - Hold On My Heart
Secret Powers - Orange Trees
Snowglobe - Get It On
Spoon - Got Nuffin
Still Life Still - Pastel
Sugar Army - Tongues In Cheeks
Summer Cats - Hey You
Throw Me The Statue - Dizzy From The Fall
Tweak Bird - Whorses
We Are The Storm - Danmark (fin de siècle)
The Weeks - Bayou Bartholomew
Wild Beasts - All The Kings Men
Young Coyotes - A Thousand Masks
Yves Klein Blue - Getting Wise

Now that's a tasty little selection wouldn't you agree?

A great amount of new music has been coming out lately and it would be great to see you all buying these albums to throw your support behind all the bands. Because without music life would be dreary.

The Mink Link:

MonthlyIndieMixtape #3