Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sneakin' A Peek.

Something just grabs me about this song. Always been a big fan of the original by Pantera but when you strip it all down and really focus on the lyrics you can just see that Phil Anselmo was a great songwriter!

Check it out here and let me know what you think!!

Hellsongs - Walk

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"The Electric 10!" With Courtenay Green

Hey Folks!

Welcome to the first of many Electric interviews with some of the artists I have found to love! Every now and then I will be dropping 10 questions on an artist or band that has taken my fancy and relaying the answers back to you, my faithful readers!

First up we have the gorgeous Courtenay Green, otherwise known as See Green. Check out what she had to say right now!!

1. So come on, who are you and what the devil do you do?

I’m Courtenay Green, but I perform as See Green. Which also sort of refers to the band that accompanies me for live shows. I suppose I would describe the music as a hydra-headed monster with indie, pop, rock and other sub-genres represented. I write/arrange the songs and play a bunch of instruments, but for shows I sing and mainly play guitar.

2. Where and when did you first start playing music?

I started playing music at home in New York when I was about six. My brother was taking piano lessons and my parents both played guitar, and both of those activities seemed more fun than whatever I was doing at the time. Which probably involved My Little Ponies and a formidable Care Bear collection.

3. What is it about your music that makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Recording it in 3D, for starters. Ok, I lie. But I do think my music is unusual in that it’s difficult for people to describe exactly what it sounds like. I borrow from a tremendous number of influences, spanning many decades, but I’m proud of the fact that like them or not, no one’s ever called my songs “derivative.” They’re sort of like a musical Rorschach test in that people hear what they want to hear in them, yet at the same time, they’re accessible, fun and put people in a good mood. Or at least I like to think that.

4. What song or songs are you most proud of?

This is probably a lame answer, but I’m proud of all of them, even if it’s in different ways.

5. Which bands or artists have influenced your own personal style?

I think the better question is which bands/artists HAVEN’T. I listen to and take bits and pieces from everything, whether it’s Bach or Traffic or The Hollies or Blondie or the Carter Family or The Buzzcocks or Broken Bells. Basically anything with a good melody and a sound I like. I guess I don’t borrow a whole lot from death metal. That I can say fairly definitively.

6. How is being a musician different than everyday life?

I’m not sure if I could separate “being a musician” from “everyday life.” It IS everyday life, since it’s what I do every day- for better or for worse.

7. Do you practice by yourself or do you like to have some other musicians around for feedback and support?

I’m very much a loner in that respect. I practice/write and do pretty much everything by myself, and only involve other people for live shows, rehearsals and recording. But there’s definitely feedback in rehearsals and at the studio. I’m not an autocrat, more like an oligarch who just happens to make most of the decisions for the group. Ok, maybe I’m an autocrat.

8. Other than the people you play with now, if you could get any musician, dead or alive, who would you entrust to be in your “Dream Band”?

I’m quite confident that Kenny G could rustle up some mean saxophone riffs for me.

9. Which musician could you spend a year with on a deserted island, knowing that what they could teach you would excel your music career tenfold?

I think Debbie Harry could teach me a thing or hundred about being generally awesome. That woman has presence. But if you’re talking strictly technical, I wouldn’t mind a year of guitar lessons from Pete Townshend.

10. Other than this interview, what is the stupidest thing you have ever agreed to do?

On a dare in high school, I agreed to put an entire jar of this Vaseline-like pomade in my hair. No matter how often I washed it, it looked like it was wet and greasy for nearly a month- a month that included my senior prom. Let’s just say that isn’t great for any 17-year-old girl’s stock.

So there you go, now you know just that little bit more about Courtenay and her wonderful music. Isn't she just a great young lass to let MonthlyIndieMixtapes delve into her amazing mind? I for one think she is!!

Thanks heaps Courtenay! And remember , you will always be the very first artist to feature on "The Electric 10!"

Check out See Green - Think Twice right here!!

Think Twice by See Green

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"No Kids - Judy At The Grove EP" Review

I can feel it. I can feel the love in these tracks from start to finish. Vancouver, BC group No Kids have found a sound that makes them stand out. A slightly funkier feel than previous efforts, Judy At The Grove is an amazing piece of work. There is a certain sort of soulfulness that really grabs your attention and puts that groove in your step. Second track in, "I Want To Be Around" is a dazy slow ride full of funk and fun while "The Jazz Singer" has an eclectic, even slightly Scissor Sisters sound to it and is brought to life with an array of instruments that any Indie band would be proud to call their own. I'm pretty impressed with this band and will definitely be following their whereabouts on the off chance that I will get to see them live. If they can even come close to what they can produce in the studio then I guarantee their live shows would be a hoot!! Don't miss out on hearing this one!!

No Kids - The Jazz Singer by artofbroadcast

No Kids MySpace Page
Art Of Broadcast Official Page

Cheers To You All!!

The Doc.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #14***

Look out folks, here it is! Another fine slab of Indie bliss!

Number 14 is just as good as the last 13 and rightly so with all these wonderful bands delivering superb results each and every time!

Check out these tasty treats. Go on, throw them at your ears!


Abandoned Pools - Legionnaire
Allison Weiss - From You To Me
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Lady Jesus
Beth Thornley - You're So Pony
Blackmarket - 10 And 2
Blind Zero - Snow Girl
The Bluetones - The Day That Never Was
The Books - I Didn't Know That
The British Robots - Favourite Shade
Ceo - Illuminata
Cloud Cult - Room Full Of People In Your Head
Crash City Saints - Every Face Is A Mirror
Crash Test Dummies - Songbird
Dan Sartain - Bohemian Grove
The First Ladies - Pocket Jokers
The Frowning Clouds - Please Yo' Self
Hafdís Huld - Action Man
The Henry Clay People - Working Part Time
Hexicon - She Plays Games
Holmes - Voices And Vices
I Am Kloot - Fingerprints
Inge Thomson - Cradle Song
Insect Guide - Wasted
Inspired Flight - I Won't Let You Down
Jamie Lawson - I'm Gonna Love You
Johnny Flynn - Lost And Found
Joy Zipper - Check Out My New Jesus
Julian Lynch - Ears
Kate Tucker - Carry The Weight ( I Wanted You)
KO - Radio
Lissie - Record Collector
The Love Language - Brittany's Back
Maps & Atlases - The Charm
Marble Sounds - Smoking Was A Day Job
Maria Haukaas Storeng - Precious To Me
Math And Physics Club - Trying To Say I Love You
Matthew Dear - I Can't Feel
Mike & Jee - Somewhere In The Middle Of This
Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way
The Moondoggies - Just Makes Sense To Me
Mystery Jets - Alice Springs
The Rags - Love Is A Lie
Reaching Away - Push Away The Moon
Sarah Harmer - One Match
School Of Seven Bells - Heart Is Strange
Sea Exchange - LED
See Green - Think Twice
Sophie Hunger - Lovesong To Everyone
Stars - Dead Hearts
The Tealeaves - Barefoot & Beautiful
Thrushes - Night Falls
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed
Trev Gibb - Say You Will
Vast - Until I Die
VersaEmerge - Your Own Lov.E.
Viernes - Entire Empire
The Wailing Wall - Bones Become Rainbows
The Weepies - I Was Made For Sunny Days
The Whiskers - Cameras
1973 - Simple Song (For A Complicated Girl)

The wonderful music just keeps on coming. I really cannot believe that it's July already!! Half way thru another year and hopefully we are all a little wiser.

Enjoy the sounds folks and folkettes. I made it all just for you.

Oh and don't forget to share MonthlyIndieMixtapes wherever you go. Post it to your Facebook profile, tweet, re-tweet and then tweet again. The more listeners I get, the more great things musically I can add to all of this! So get out there and share this like you'd share a cold.

Peace Out Lovers.


MonthlyIndieMixtape #14 - Part 1.
MonthlyIndieMixtape #14 - Part 2.