Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixtape #1

Hi all.

So this be the first mixtape in "The Week Of Sound" blog. Below is a short description of each artist and then a link to the mixtape. Since this is my first try at doing all of this, things may go wrong. It may all go right but we will see. So take a few minutes to read about the artists and then download the Mixtape.

I'm sure we will agree that it is not a bad bunch of songs at all!!

Akron/Family is a folk-influenced experimental rock band that formed in 2002.

Crystal Antlers
Crystal Antlers is an American indie rock band from Long Beach, California.

Department Of Eagles
Department of Eagles is a band formed in 2001 by two friends. The duo's music combines folk, electronica and other influences.

Elysian Fields
Elysian Fields is a New York dream pop/art rock band founded in 1995 by co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals, instruments) and Oren Bloedow (guitar).

The Joy Formidable
The Joy Formidable are a three-piece band from North Wales, now living in London. They describe their music as "Epic, melodic, hand-shandy pop from a band who understand the true joys of life"

The Love Language
The Love Language are a Indie/Folk/Psychedelic band with easy to listen to pop songs.

Matt & Kim
Matt and Kim is a punk/dance duo from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2004 by Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums/vocals).

The Middle East
The Middle East were an exciting, original, beautiful band from Townsville, Queensland Australia.
They played Ambient Post-Rock Folk and their live shows often created a very dream like atmosphere.

Patients is a side project for Ben Cooper (Radical Face, Electric President). It is an acoustic, dreamy sound that floats along.

Said The Whale
Said the Whale is a Vancouver based indie rock band started by Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft. Their sound is Alternative Indie with lots of amazing sounds.

The Veils
The Veils are a London based band, fronted by lead singer/songwriter, Finn Andrews.

The William Blakes
The William Blakes are a Alternative Indie Rock band coming straight out of Denmark.

Here is the link the very first Mixtape!!

Mixtape #1 - The Week In Sound.

So download and enjoy!! And don't forget to subscribe/follow or whatever the hell you do so you don't miss out on upcoming Mixtapes!!

Stay Cool Young Folk!!

The Doc.

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