Monday, May 18, 2009

Mixtape #10


See what happens when life gets in the way? You completely lose track of everything else and struggle to fit your passions into your busy lifestyle. Well my friends, I have finally found that time. It's taken me around a month to get back on track but here I am with the 10th installment of The Week In Sound Mixtape.

Now I've been having a think about it and in all reality this mixtape may have to turn into a monthly thing. I just don't have the time to search for all this great music during the week so if I make this a monthly endeavour then we are more likely to get the good stuff and not just any old song that I find laying around. I will have a think about my options in the next few days. I already know that there are a few monthly playlists getting around so is it really worth having another? I say it is but is that what the public want. Only time will tell.

So without wasting your time any longer, I FINALLY introduce the 10th and possibly final 'weekly' mixtape.

Listen & enjoy kiddos!!


Ape School - Deathstomp
Ape School's Michael Johnson wraps his catchy songs in a hazy, insulated sound that references neo-psych heroes Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips, ropes in elements of hip-hop (in the rhythms), shoegaze (the drifting textures are reminiscent at times of the Lilys best work), and oddly enough, a shoestring budget version of stadium dreamers like Coldplay or Keane.

The Bicycles - B-B-Bicycles
The four piece pop perfectors from Toronto, The Bicycles, are known for their sparkly live shows filled with catchy two minute tunes that’ll get your heart racing.

Foreign Born - Early Warnings
Foreign Born began in San Francisco shortly after Matt Popieluch and Lewis Pesacov became roommates. They’d first met a few years earlier in a university piano practice-room, jamming out to the classic strains of “Sunny Afternoon.” Many years and projects later, they found themselves in Los Angeles, where they hooked up with Lewis’ old high school pal, Ariel Rechtshaid and his accomplice, drummer Garret Ray. They played together for only one weekend and thus Foreign Born was, er- born.

Hopewell - Island
After more than a decade of continuous releases, Hopewell has become an institution in the indie space rock scene. Weathering music industry collapse, stylistic shifts and near fatal personal conflicts, the tenacious band continues to pump out genre defying music to critical acclaim.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Led To The Sea
Jenny Owen Youngs is a feisty, hyper-sensitive, disease-free singer/songwriter/former girl scout who wants to be your friend. Claiming influences from Beck to Jesus Christ Superstar to Britney Spears, her music is an echo of Erin McKeown hopping into Jeff Buckley¹s Pontiac, cruising backwoods Alabama red dirt roads and singing along to The Sundays and Nick Drake. Her songs straddle the heart-wrenching and the tongue-in-cheek and say giddyup.

The Lightning Seeds - All I Do
Lightning Seeds are an alternative pop band, largely the brainchild of writer, singer and guitarist Ian Broudie (born 4th August 1958 in Liverpool, England). The band currently consists of Broudie (vocals, guitar), Ali Kane (keyboards), Martyn Campbell (bass) and Simon Rogers (percussion).

Little Birdy - Brother
Little Birdy is an australian, four piece rock band from Perth. The band formed in 2002 when songwriter, singer and guitarist Katy Steele left her former band the plastik scene. She joined with Simon Leach on guitar, Scott (‘Barney’) O’Donoghue on bass, and Matt Chequer on drums.

Magic Arm - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Magic Arm - who, in 2009, you will see erroneously described as a singer-songwriter; laptop-folk troubadour; and more - is otherwise known as Marc Rigelsford. Like Beck, Beta Band or Adem, Magic Arm is a sonically curious soul who fuses folk, rock and effervescent electronics. But, as reference points, none of those three quite hit the spot.

The Meligrove Band - Planets Conspire
The Meligrove Band are a Canadian indie rock band, based in Toronto, and consisting of Jason Nunes on vocals, guitar and piano, Darcy Rego on vocals and drums, and Michael Small on bass guitar.

Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come
Passion Pit is an American electro band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Formed in 2007, the group consists of Michael Angelakos (lead vocals/keyboards), Ian Hultquist (keyboards), Ayad Al Adhamy (synth/samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass) and Nate Donmoyer (drums).

The band’s debut Chunk Of Change EP (originally intended as a Valentine’s Day gift from Angelakos to his girlfriend) was released on September 16th, 2008 .

Piers Faccini - Your Name No More
Piers Faccini began his music career in London in the band ‘Charley Marlowe’, which he fronted alongside the poet Francesca Beard. In 2001, the band ended and Piers started solo work. He writes music for television - notably the BBC docudrama ‘Killing Hitler’ - as well as painting. His style is rhythmic and melodic. His album is mostly based around acoustic guitar riffs, whereas his earlier music and TV themes reflect his interest in dance music.

Viva Voce - Good As Gold
A Portland, OR based duo & married couple, Viva Voce have an extremely diverse sound. The music captures both the sweet and the melancholy, with comparisons ranging from the fey pop antics of Belle & Sebastian to the transcendental cinematics of the best Grandaddy. Their sound seems far more expansive than that of a simple duo, and are currently seeking soundtrack & commercial work through their agents at Bank Robber Music.

The Woodlands - Asleep In September
The Woodlands are a wife and husband duo from Portland, OR that craft intimate indie folk-pop songs of lyrical poetry, lush melody, and intelligent simplicity. Hannah & Samuel churn beauty spun of melancholy and mirth, conjuring faraway lands and the longing of lovers. It is the allure of song and sound, wrapped in the hauntingly sweet hush of wonder…

The Working Title - Physical Love
The Working Title was five members, then they were four members, then they were three members, then they were two members, and then there was one.

The remaining member is the ever-determined mastermind of Joel Thomas Hamilton.

(blah blah blah…)

Zee Avi - Monte
Zee Avi, also known as Koko Kaina, is a singer/songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is best known for her Christmas song No Christmas for me, which became a YouTube success in 2007.

Well there you go. 15 new tracks to listen to and bounce along with. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Until next time my friends, here are some links to stuff:

The Week In Sound Mixtape #10.

Oh and here is the cover also. I really gotta remember to put in in with the mixtape before I upload it!!

Mixtape #10 Cover.

Take care now y'all!!

The Doc.

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