Wednesday, March 17, 2010

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #10 - Part 2***

Welcome strangers and friends, and friends of strangers and strangers of friends. Here within your grasp is the second part to the magical 10th MonthlyIndieMixtape. Another 60 bands playing another 60 songs for well over 60 minutes! Well in fact it's more like 3 hours and 52 minutes but who's counting?

Well lets stop dilly dallying and get on with it shall we? Hmmm, Yes...........


Admiral Freebee - My Hippy Ain't Hip
Air Formation - Low December Sun
Alcoholic Faith Mission - Put The Virus In You
Angus & Julia Stone - On The Road
April Smith And The Great Picture Show - Movie Loves A Screen
The Automatic - Interstate
The Ballet - The House On Fire
Beach House - Walk In The Park
Bears - Let Me See You Again
Beck - Little Hands (Feat. Feist, Wilco & Jamie Lidell)
Bibi Tanga & The Selenites - The Moon
The Big Big Bucks - Do It Or Diet
Butterfly Explosion - Chemistry
Eagle Scout - Spies Like Us
Electrocute - My Tube Top
Ellie Goulding - Guns And Horses
Emerald Park - The Commonfield
Emily Arin - It Wasn't Love But It Was Lovely
Fishermans Mission - Torr
Frightened Rabbit - The Loneliness And The Scream
Ghost Society - Recognize
Giant Drag - White Baby
Golden Triangle - Jellyroll
Good Weather For Airstrikes - And All Seems Lost
Happy Birthday - I Want To Stay (I Run Away)
Have Gun, Will Travel - Wolf In Shepherd's Clothes
Hitide Lotide - Beaded Blood
Humanzi - Just Like Bukowski
Jaguar Love - Everything Is Awesome
Jay Malinowski - There's A Light
Joanna Newsom - Soft As Chalk
John Nolan - Screaming Into The Wind
Julia Nunes - Grown A Pair
Kiss Kiss Kiss - Scarlet
La Habitación Roja - Younger
Local Natives - Sun Hands
Look Mexico - They Only Take The Backroads
Los Punsetes - Dinero
Lou Rhodes - Circles
Love Is All - Never Now
Monzano - The Mannequin Wakes
The Mountains & The Trees - Up And Down
Murmansk - Sweet Trio
Nom De Guerre - Run Run Run
Nothing People - Explode A View
Per England - Lust Och Hägring
Rafter - Timeless Form, Formless Time
Scanners - Salvation
St. Claire - You Itch Like A Secret
Standard Fare - Let's Get Back Together
The Swimmers - A Hundred Hearts
Tindersticks - Harmony Around My Table
Tunng - Hustle
Turin Brakes - Sea Change
Volcano Choir - Island, IS
We Are The Willows - The Windows
White Apple Tree - Broken Bones
White Hinterland - Bow & Arrow
Wolf People - Black Water
Zeep - Hidden Surprises

Very cool eh? There are some wonderful songs in there that will be on high rotation for The Doc for sometime to come. I hope you find a new band, a new sound, a new favourite song. If you don't there is always next month!

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