Saturday, May 22, 2010

Snow & Voices Album Review.

Slightly haunting, slighty deep. The new album from Los Angeles duo Snow & Voices is a breath of fresh air for this listener. Echoing vocals take centre stage with bellowing piano melodies which magically twist and weave within each other. Lead singer Lauri Kranz has a voice to die for. Think Imogen Heap meets Dido and you would probably have hit the nail on the head. Such is her voice the listener is encaptured with every single note and these days that is getting rarer to find. Tracks like "Everything Coming Apart" and the track that got my attention "I Am A Storm" are great examples of how pulsating rythyms can emphasise such a delicate voice. With strong bass lines and tantalising dream pop like guitar riffs handed to you on a platter from Jebin Bruni, you find yourself floating above the music looking down at the notes as they drift on pass as if they were boats on a river. The new album, "Anything That Moves" is a moving collection of well structured, well written alternative pop tunes that is sure to grab your attention. If you do one thing right this year, make sure it's checking out this band. You won't regret it.

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