Sunday, June 13, 2010

Look What's New!

Hey peeps,

Just thought I'd pop in an give you all an update on the happenings at the MonthlyIndieMixtapes office. Well when I say office I really mean wherever I can find a place to park my butt for a few hours!

As you can see MIM has had a revamp. Nothing too major that is going to scare you all away but enough to give this site a bit of character and a bit more modernisation. The layout is basically the same though so all your mixtapes and "Video Of The Week" will still be very easy to find.

In the near future, MIM will be looking into new avenues to pursue. A few more album reviews and even some track reviews will become more and more common, whilst if I can snaffle a few up, I will be including some interviews.

But the real big news is this. MonthlyIndieMixtapes will be working towards a monthly Podcast!! Nothing over the top but just something that gives you a little taste test of what to expect on the upcoming mixtape.

So there you have it folks, a little bit of what is in the pipeworks for MIM. I hope you are excited as I am! If not well I'll jsut have to convince you otherwise.

So off you all run, run into the big bad world out there and scream out everything that I just told you! Make it known that MIM is coming for you!!

The Doc Of Docaliciousness.

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