Sunday, August 29, 2010

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #16***

Ahh, sixteen. I remember when I was sixteen. Half a lifetime ago and yet I still recall all the good things about being young and free. It was around this time that I really started to get right into music. I started to collect CD's until they were a sea of plastic cases on my bedroom floor, no CD being in it's right case. It was a magical time and though my collection has grown and become more 'organised', I still have that same feeling in my chest about music. It is what keeps my heart pumping day after day, waiting for that perfect song to come along. You never know, for you, maybe it is in this months mixtape. I hope you find it.


Alain Johannes - Endless Eyes
Amen Dunes - Murder Dull Mind
Azure Ray - Make Your Heart
Basement Birds - Skin Of The Sky
Bigger Fish Than Guns - Texas T
Bike - Welcome To My World
Black Mountain - The Hair Song
The Burns Unit - Since We've Fallen Out
Catherine Feeny - You'd Better Run
Charles Burst - The Famous Patient
The Cheek - Hung Up (Live)
The Clientele - Minotaur
The Coral - Walking In The Winter
The Cribs - Housewife
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Nothing But Our Love
Dominant Legs - Clawing Out At The Walls
Drunken Barn Dance - A Winter's Tale
The Farewell Circuit - I Am A Ghost
The Features - The Drawing Board
Frank (Just Frank) - Crisis
Frontier Ruckus - Ontario
Hanoi James - I Dig You
Harper Blynn - Loneliest Generation
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Slow Walk
J. Tillman - Diamondback
Joe Purdy - On The Wind
Jukebox The Ghost - Schizophrenia
Karaocake - Medication
Klaxons - Echoes
Les Savy Fav - High And Unhinged
Lille - Straw
Mark Scholtez - We Could Get Lost
Northern Light - Say My Name
Now You See Them - It's Worth It
The Parlotones - Should We Fight Back
The Postelles - Can't Stand Still
The R.G. Morrison - Beckett
Rancho Relaxo - Road Raged The Fuck Out
The Reign Of Kindo - Thrill Of The Fall
RickoLus - Photographs
Seagull - Water
Sharaya Mikael - Wrong Again
Shirley Manson - Pretty Horses
Social Studies - Run With Fever
Soda Fountain Rag - You Are Not Invited To My Wedding
The Soldier Thread - Erin
Spirit Night - Brains
Stornoway - Zorbing
The Superimposers - Where Do You Go?
Them Bird Things - Underground
The Thermals - Never Listen To Me
This Beautiful Mess - Clean
Tweak Bird - The Future
Wavves - Post Acid
White Arrows - 8050 (Too Fast, Too Slow)
Wild Beasts - We've Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues
Winter Gloves - Plastic Slides
The Yards - Get Off My Back
Young The Giant - My Body
Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand

Pretty impressive line up this month. Lots of different genres to choose from. So if you don't find something you like this month, hit us up next month for sure! There is always new stuff for you to wrap your listening gear around.

Get listening.

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  1. I was going to tell you that I had a problem with the zip file in Part 1, but it's been fixed now - thank you! The standard of music is as high as ever, can't wait to hear it.


  2. Thanks Fi! I can always rely on you for a great review!

  3. Discovered this mixtape only last month it is very good to hear many artists I have never heard of and new songs from the ones I have heard of. Very well done.