Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The First Five MonthlyIndieMixtapes!

Hey Guys.

Well since I've been kicked in the guts with Mixtape #6 I've decided to post the last 5 Mixtapes in one handy little post to make it easier for you all to get your hands on the tunes.

Check these mixtapes out!!

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #1***
Get It Here!!

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #2***
Get It Here!!

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #3***
Get It Here!!

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #4***
Get It Here!!

***MonthlyIndieMixtape #5***
Get It Here!!

There you go folks! Once I know what band threw the DMCA on me I will remove their track and put #6 back up for your listening pleasure. Only a couple of weeks before MonthlyIndieMixtape #7 will grace this blog! It's looking like it's gonna be a great listen!!

Thanks for listening Guys & Gals! Your ears are like chocolate to me!

The Doc!!!

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